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InterMedia UK is an LGBTQ+ network group for people working across all areas of the media spectrum. This includes broadcasters, streamers, independent production companies, charities, advocacy groups, publishing, advertising and freelance staff across all areas.


Aiming to support a more LGBTQ+ inclusive media industry, InterMedia UK was originally formed in 2012 by Creative Skillset’s LGBT+ employee group and Stonewall. Now with over 25 companies on the Steering Committee, InterMedia UK aims to inspire and influence positive social change and celebrate diversity and equality in the media industry. 


We are looking to inspire and collaborate with lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer and non-binary people, with regular social and networking events and sharing relevant content via our website, newsletter and social platforms. Our Steering Committee members champion equality and inclusion through their own company networks, working to ensure that LGBTQ+ issues are represented within their organisations.


We are always looking for new media companies to join the Steering Committee. We would love to hear from anyone interested in joining us to create a positive and inclusive media industry. Please get in touch by emailing